Code & Build Robotics for Beginners



Suitable for beginners and for ages 12 and up (under18’s must be accompanied by ticket holding adult).

Dates: TBC

Cost: £205 (includes all components) + booking fee

This 3 day workshop to be held over a period of 3 weeks, is designed to equip a complete beginner with the software and hardware skills to produce a small robot controlled by a Bluetooth equipped phone.

During the workshops participants will solder a PCB, trace any faults and use the Open Source Arduino Uno R3 platform to develop software to read and process digital and analogue inputs. Learn how to drive LED’s, speakers, DC motors and simple Bluetooth communication resulting in the control of a small robot. All equipment will be provided except for a Laptop. Participants will need to bring a Laptop with them.


Workshop 1.1
Introduction to Arduino Uno and software.
Introduction to soldering techniques. Participants will learn how to solder electronic components onto a small PCB and test for any faults. They will also code some simple “Hello World” programs.

Workshop 1.2
The concept of reading digital and analogue signals can now be introduced.

Workshop 2.1
Use the “Tone” function to produce sounds and well known tunes.
I2C communication. Why is it used? What advantages are there? Using an I2C LCD display.

Workshop 2.2
Driving motors with Arduino. Stepper motors, Brushed and Brushless motors, Servo motors.
Robot building at last! Physically build the model chosen.

Workshop 3.1
Adding the Arduino and PCB to the robot.
Bluetooth communication. Adding the Bluetooth module.
Driving around for the first time.

Workshop 3.2
Catch up session. Revisit anything covered from the sessions.
Q & A session.
Robot games.