Ceramic Vessel Making beginner course


Introductory clay vessel making class, Beginners to intermediate ages 12 and up (under 18’s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult).

2 Day Course TBC

Cost: £175.00 (includes all materials) + booking fee

A two day pottery workshop exploring vessels and forms using different techniques from slip casting, throwing and hand building. You will be using stoneware clay and practice simple forms on the wheel and more complicated forms via hand building. Learning the principles of ceramic and clay this class will engage students ideas from a raw piece of clay to a final fired ceramic piece. Along the way you will gain knowledge of how a professional working studio runs and operates.

Workshop 1
Introduction to clay and ceramic.
Participants will learn how to throw, hand build and make a simple mould.
To start the class we will be using coils and slab building to create forms.
You will gain an understanding on what other clay or forms or clay could be used to make work.
Lunch break
Basic wheel throwing and shape making.
Developing mould making, using plaster of Paris we will be making replicas of objects.
Making mould for next lesson so it is dry and ready.

Workshop 2
Anything that has been finished may be glazed.
Learning different decorative techniques for glazing.
Learning the transformation when clay is turned into ceramic within the firing process.
Clean moulds and prep for slip-casting.
Lunch break
Carrying on with throwing and hand building.
Finishing of final work, fettling, sanding any final alterations.
Understanding faults and variables within the whole process.
15 min critique, talk about your creation and others in the class.