Our Mission

“The Hand is the cutting edge of the mind.”

That quote, taken from Jacob Bronowski’s ’The Ascent of Man’, is something we firmly believe in here at Create Space London.

Our aim is to provide people of all ages with access to and understanding of both traditional skills and some of the latest technologies involved in art and design.

We believe that the creative process fosters innovation in all areas of learning, business and culture as well as helping meet the practical challenges of life in the twenty-first century.

We offer an environment where the creative approach can be applied and developed in a structured way and as a result of peer-to-peer interaction and dialogue with others using our facilities.

People can come to Create Space London to start their own projects or take part in workshops which provide a deeper understanding of technologies which assist our individual creativity and help shape and improve the world we live in.

Charitable Aims:

For the public benefit the fostering, promotion and increase amongst the general public of the knowledge and appreciation of art and technology by, in particular the provision of:


  • Education (of all types and at all levels) in the fields of the visual, creative and applied arts, design, technology; and
  •  Studios, Workshops, galleries and other places where art may be practiced, created or exhibited.


Our workshops and courses cover visual and applied arts, design and appropriate technologies of many types and at different levels.

We provide the opportunity for anyone to learn and use equipment. Our approach is hands-on and practical.

We offer a range of core courses, workshops and educational programmes in three main areas and at either minimal or affordable costs.

These involve: wood, metal & plastics; screen-printing, ceramics, electronics and computing.

Our courses are suitable for beginners but also for those wanting a more advanced or specialized approach involving traditional processes and equipment deploying the latest computer numerical control (CnC) techniques.

Create Space London also has a range of studios, workshops and gallery space where art can be practiced, created and exhibited.

We are open 24/7. Anyone can become a member and take advantage of equipment and facilities that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

This is above all an exercise in communal sustainability and shared creativity and problem-solving.