Screenprint Workshops

Screen Print Workshop \Suitable for beginners ages 18 and up.

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In December – Screen Print Workshop For Beginners – Register here
In January – Exploring the Bauhaus through Screen Print – Register here

This is a one colour screen print workshop for beginners or those with little previous printing experience. The workshop is practical, messy and creative, and during it you will learn how to turn your creative idea into practice. You will create your own unique image based on a picture you already have or create new one with a hand-painted stencil.

The workshop starts with an introduction to the materials and tools we use in screen printing; our tutor will explain different digital and analogue techniques to help guide you through the whole creative process. If you are feeling creative and looking for a new mode of self-expression then this workshop is definitely for you.

What do you need to bring?
We ask you to bring one copyright free image on your usb stick, it must be an A4-sized jpeg/pdf/tiff/

Who is running the course?
Our workshop is run by Marcin Filip Cybulski- @marcinfilipcybulski , fine art practising artist and print-maker at Coriander Studio, and technician at our print department at Create Space London.
After the course you will be able to screen print a one-colour artwork and you will have gained a basic understanding of screen print preparation. This workshop is also a necessary ‘step 1’ to progress to our multiple-colour workshop in the future if you want to take your knowledge of the screen printing process even further.