Featured Artist/Maker: Kevin Koekkoek

Kevin Koekkoek is a maker/designer and very active member of CSL where he is known as 3DKev. Kevin focuses on helping makers, designers and fine artists incorporate 3D printing into their workflow. He also uses 3D printing to realise his own designs, which include lamp shades, jewellery pieces and abstract landmarks.

3D earring 3Dkev (1 of 1)

Kevin Studied as a fine wood worker and worked as an architectural model maker for 15 years. During this period he worked with various artists, makers and designers, and learned how to materialise their ideas and designs using a range of materials and techniques.

Kevin’s designs start on paper in a sketch book or as 3D prototypes made in plasticine clay. He then translates his ideas into a digital 3D model, which is then used to create a 3D printed prototype. This is done on one of Kevin’s own desktop 3D printers, which makes it easy for him to continue altering and prototyping the design until it is perfect.


Kevin fully understands the joy of 3D printing and digital manufacturing and wants to share his knowledge with others. He regularly holds “3D Print and Make” talks at Create Space London for artists and makers. For those who want to get their hands dirty in 3D CAD and 3D printing, Kevin gives one to one training and group workshops on site as well.


Feel free to contact Kevin if you have any question’s, or follow him on Twitter:

Email: kev(AT)3dkev(DOT)com

Twitter: (AT)3dkev