Featured Artist/Maker: Ian Inniss

Ian Inniss trained at Swindon School of Art in the mid 80’s and worked for several years as an Illustrator predominantly using watercolour, migrating to Acrylic paint later as his technique developed. From the off, he set out to become a genre artist with a recognisable style that was sufficiently adaptable to capture “stories” important to industry and brands. This approach may appear cold but the passion Ian felt for his work was far from frozen, he says, “I think there are echoes of the British Primitives tradition about my work but you decide.”

As time passed I think we can all accept digital become the dominant genre. So Ian adapted, trained in 3D computer art using 3DStudio, Softimage, 3DSMax and Maya; complemented by Photoshop and Illustrator and worked for 13 years in the computer games industry. Both styles are genuine but his painterly style is definitely him.

Ian has exhibited his work twice, once in 1986 at Nine Dials Gallery and again in 1991 at the Mall Gallery.

IanInniss_HarryPotter_'Hospital Wing'
Harry Potter ‘Hospital Wing’ Maya/Photoshop
‘Haberdashery’ Acrylic Paint